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Why buy from Dogs Trust's Shop?

Support Dogs Trust and help dogs in Ireland

We're delighted to welcome you to our new online shop featuring our unique range of casual clothing and goodies designed with dog lovers in mind! The profit raised through our shop goes directly to helping dogs across Ireland in desperate need.

This one-stop shop has everything from adults to kids, dog-themed apparel and homewares to doggie products, treats and toys for your four-legged friends.

Check out the personalised products section where you can buy bespoke goodies for you and your pampered pooch!


Make tails wag today - choose our online charity pet shop for your pet supplies and gifts

Not only will you be delighted with your new Dogs Trust Shop purchases, you will also have the great feeling that you are helping to make Ireland a better place for dogs. Every time you buy something from our shop, you are helping to save the lives of abandoned dogs, providing them with urgent veterinary care, a warm and cosy bed, nutritious food and, above all, will help them feel loved and safe.

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Helping dogs like Butch

Butch - one of our Underdogs

When you buy from Dogs Trust Online Shop, you are showing the world you are a dog lover, that you care about saving lives and want to give abandoned and neglected dogs a second chance at life. 

Sometimes, if a dog has had a tough start in life, he might be nervous or frightened of unfamiliar people and places and may need some extra care and attention to adjust to home life. Other times, a dog might be unfairly judged by his breed but may be the softest soul underneath his appearance.

We call these dogs ‘The Underdogs’ and Butch is one of them. He is a big sweetheart and one of the goofiest dogs in the rehoming centre. He loves going on walks, spending time with his favourite Canine Carers, cosying up in a pile of blankets and toys filled with yummy treats. By making a purchase from the Dogs Trust Shop, you are providing Butch with everything he needs to stay happy and healthy while he waits to meet his forever family. 

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