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Canvas Print - Your Favourite Dog Picture Printed On Canvas

Canvas Print - Your Favourite Dog Picture Printed On Canvas


Your favourite dog picture printed on canvas.

Please note, your canvas print may take an extra 5 - 7 working days to arrive. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Our dogs are part of our family. So what better way to honour them than to print their picture on canvas and hang it proudly on our wall?!

Our canvas prints are the perfect addition for any dog lover’s home.

Whether you’re buying it as a gift for another dog owner or want to show the world that you’re a proud dog mum or dad, this print is the ideal way to capture the love and joy that our furry family members bring to our lives.

A personalised gift for any collector of dog ornaments, this canva print is bound to brighten any room and cheer up any dog lover's day.

Even if someone’s lost their precious dog, the canvas print is the perfect dog remembrance gift, celebrating the special bond that we share with our fur families.

Ordering your print couldn’t be easier! Upload the image you wish to proudly show in your home and add to cart.

Uploading your photo

We want your product to look as pawsome as possible so please follow these guidelines when you’re choosing your photo.

The minimum size for photos is 1600 pixels high x 1600 pixels wide.

Dos and don'ts for choosing your photo


  • Do use clear, sharp photos for the best print results
  • Only use well-lit images - overly dark or light photos will not print well
  • Upload the original photo rather than a screengrab


  • Don’t upload screengrabs or images downloaded from social media, as the quality is usually poor - instead, find the original photo that you took yourself, or take a new photo
  • Don’t upload blurry or fuzzy images, as they will not print well
  • Don’t use overly dark images, as dark images don’t look good when printed
  • Don’t take small images and stretch them to a larger size, as that will result in a poor quality print

Please note that the Dogs Trust Shop cannot be held responsible for the quality of the final printed product if the instructions above are not followed, and a poor quality image is uploaded.

Product details

Three sizes available
- Small: 300mm x 300mm when finished
- Medium: 500mm x 500mm when finished
- Large: 700mm x 700mm when finished

Buying from the Dogs Trust shop saves the lives of many dogs in desperate need every year

- By buying from the Dogs Trust Shop you're saving the lives of dogs who may have experienced neglect in the past
- All of the profits help abandoned, surrendered and rescued dogs get back on their paws
- Together, we're giving dogs in desperate need the safety, love and care they deserve
- Your purchase today will help hundreds of dogs find their forever home and live a life full of joy and happiness
- Thank you so much for helping to change hundreds of furry lives forever


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